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I have a vision of a world where people feel at home in their body, are pain-free, and can approach the joys and challenges in their life with integrity, heart, and their full potential.

If you're like the rest of us, you have a lot going on, and balancing all the important things while having time for self-care is daunting. And yet, you are starting to realize that your shoulders shouldn't live in your ears and that the persistent tension or pain in your body just isn't right... continue reading ›
About Karen

Hi, I'm Karen Tucker. My journey in touch therapy began when I was a child, and started giving intuitive massage to friends and family.

An important moment came the day after my father suffered a stroke, as I climbed into his hospital bed and softly massaged his right side and head. Later, he told me how scared he was before I massaged him and how he'd been unable to ask for help due to his physical condition.

My touch eased his fear, gave him hope, and made him feel loved. Though I didn't know it at the time, this was the moment when I realized the power of massage therapy for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being... continue reading ›

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"After my session, I felt more grounded, relaxed and able to navigate my day. Karen is a gifted massage therapist, skilled at unwinding problem areas."
- Lisa G.
"After my massage I felt calm, cared for and in balance. My body was at ease, my posture was straighter, and my head felt clear and focused."
- Alex P.
"From beginning to end, the massage had a perfect pace and was a highly relaxing experience. I have had a lot of massages in my life and Karen is one of the best."
- Danny G.
"The rhythm and flow of the massage made every part feel paid attention to. I liked watching the stress and tension just slip off me for a bit!"
- Coral B.
"Karen really uses her background as a dancer and yogi to bring unique elements to her sessions. I left feeling relaxed, calm, and listened to."
- Renee F.
"Karen was the most present massage therapist I have ever had. I really felt her there with me and this distinguished the massage from others I have had."
- Amy O.
"Karen uses a variety of techniques and has a wonderful pace, a comforting and soothing touch, and a gentle confidence that puts me completely at ease."
- Kat W.
"Karen's knowledge of how joints and muscles work allows for stretches that reached my entire body, even parts that I didn't realize were tense."
- Renee F.
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Photo credit: Ali Rappaport